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Shellrock Ramblngs - 13th September

My Dear Friends

We have now completed more than a month since we returned to holding services in church buildings. Numbers coming have been good, given that it is likely that some are still unable to feel safe about venturing out and others are not happy about the remaining restrictions; masks to be worn and no congregational singing. Last week we had hoped to hold a service outside so that we COULD exercise our voices after a long silence, but even outside the church, singing is not permitted. 

September brings for many the start of Autumn and harvest celebrations. It is a lovely time and I’m sure that many of you have memories of the very beautifully decorated churches, and of bringing gifts of fruit and flowers up to the altar.  As this season has drawn near, it is also a time to be particularly alert to issues of the natural world and to the crisis of climate change.  Last week’s Church Times reported on some of the leadership of this concern and I am quoting it in full because I believe it to be important. 

Lord Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury) joined the ------------ Christian Climate Action, in a march from Buckingham Palace to Parliament Square, while holding a banner with fellow priests which read “CREATION CRIES OUT”.

Asked why he felt that it was important for people of faith to attend the rally, he said: “People of faith should be here because they are people of faith. That is, they believe they can make a difference of some kind and that that difference is worth making. We’re at a remarkable moment of opportunity. People are talking about building back better. We have to take that opportunity. It’s not just recovering what’s been lost but building again something that is genuinely more sustainable. Because, in the last few months, we have seen the possibility of some alternatives that might work, and I think people of faith ought to be on board with making those alternatives work.”

Another was Fr Martin Newell, a Roman Catholic priest from Birmingham. He said: “The Christian faith is not an easy one — we are constantly called to step outside of our comfort zone. I believe that being faithful means taking a stand on the biggest issue of our time. When Jesus said to James and John, ‘Follow me’, they stood up, dropped their fishing nets, and did just that. As disciples of Christ, we are called to take action. Are we willing to stand up and do what we are called to or will we remain in the boat?

Perhaps during the next couple of months, we might address this question in our own hearts and minds.  I hope so.

My love to you all


Shellrock Worship

Sunday 13th September

Readings: Genesis 50 v 15-2, Psalm 103 v 1-13, Romans 14 v 1-12, Matthew 18 v 21-35

10.30 St James, Great Ellingham - Morning service

Sunday 20th September

Harvest Readings: Deuteronomy 8 v 7-18 or 28 v 1-14, Psalm 65, 2 Corinthians 9 v 6-end, Luke 12 v 16-30 or 17 v 11-19

10.30 St Peter and St Paul, Shropham - Harvest Festival

Broadcasted Christian worship programs (all Sun 13th)

 8.10am - Radio 4 - Sunday Worship, the Bishop of Plymouth reflects on the story of the Mayflower

1.15pm - BBC1 - Songs of Praise, with Aled Jones in Plymouth

 3.00pm - Radio 3 - Choral Evensong, from Neresheim Abbey, Germany (from September 2019)

New COVID rule on gatherings

As you are probably aware, from Monday 14th September a maximum of six people only are allowed to gather together inside and outside.  There are certain places and events where this new ruling will not apply and so far the indications are that worship in churches will be exempt.

However, there is still the issue of gatherings outside church after the service; a time when we take the opportunity to chat and catch up with each other.  This is likely to be more problematic so we await a ruling on this from the Diocese.  For tomorrow we are still allowed to do this.

‘Flu Vaccinations

A reminder to those eligible, this is the time to book your annual ‘flu jabs.  According to my surgery website, people aged between 50 and 64 will also be eligible for the vaccination but later and only if stocks allow.  Check with your surgery to book and for more information.



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