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We have developed a core of children in the village to come to church on special occasions – primarily Christmas and Easter, and also occasional Mothering Sunday services and Harvest Festivals over the years. Our aim is to try to encourage this participation by young children in order to nurture a new generation of churchgoers. It is not an easy task in today’s world where so many secular activities happen on Sundays but it is a worthwhile challenge.

On the left, a photograph of the nativity scene at last year’s carol service.


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Shellrock Ramblngs - 18th October

My dear friends

It’s been a difficult week for quite a lot of people, locally and in the country as a whole. In our own locality, two of our friends and loyal church members have died. Some of you will remember Rev Ron Farthing who, amongst many other activities, started the Fellowship group which Carol Bennet now leads. After becoming increasingly frail, he moved away from Great Ellingham to be with his daughter. He reached the age of 93 and has died peacefully after being ill for a while. The other loss has been more sudden. Maurice Briggs has been the very efficient treasurer at St Peter’s Little Ellingham. He died without warning as a result of a heart attack earlier this week. I remember Maurice with much affection for his wonderful Scottish accent and for his somewhat excruciating puns which livened up all our meetings. Can we please remember the families of Father Ron and Maurice during the weeks ahead?

Nationally the news of larger numbers affected by the Covid19 virus and the attendant increase in restrictions has been very hard for people in Liverpool and the parts of the country so badly affected.   Norfolk, so far, has been relatively spared, but we perhaps might spend a moment thinking with some compassion about those who are suffering many physical, economic and social concerns elsewhere in the country.

We had a very useful ministry team earlier this week and have now more or less confirmed a programme of services and activities leading to the end of the year. But as I think I mentioned last week in Ramblings, it is not too late to put forward your ideas and we are always pleased to have your thoughts about how to proceed with the services and other Advent and Christmas activities.

My love to you all


Shellrock Worship

Sunday 18th October

Readings: Isaiah 35 v 3-6 or Acts 16 v 6-12a, Psalm 147 v 1-7, 2 Timothy 4 v 5-17, Luke 10 v 1-9

10.30am Rockland All Saints - Morning Service

Tuesday 13th October

11am – 1pm Open Church in St Peter, Little Ellingham

Thursday 15th October

 11am – 1pm Open Church in St James, Great Ellingham

 Sunday 25th October

Readings: Leviticus 19 v 1-2, 15-18, Psalm 1,1 Thessalonians 2 v 1-8, Matthew 22 v 34-end

10.30am St Peter, Little Ellingham - Morning Service

Broadcasted religious programs this Sunday

8.00am Radio Norfolk - Sunday Worship

8.10am Radio 4 - Sunday Worship, Eucharist live from Croydon

10.30am BBC1 - Sunday Morning Live

1.15pm BBC1 - Songs of Praise, with Aled Jones

3.00pm Radio 3 - Choral Evensong, from Canterbury Cathedral



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