Shellrock talks

Shellrock talks

Our next Talk... Norwich Foodbank

Will be on Wednesday 23 January 2019 at 7:30pm.  The subject will be the ‘Norwich Foodbank’.  So if you have any interest in the work of the foodbank and why it is necessary for it to exist, then book this in your diary or calendar now.  As usual, this Talk is open to everyone, so please encourage your friends to come along to join us in what should be another entertaining and informative evening.

‘Why is religious education in schools so important’

The latest of the Shellrock Talks, held on 19th September in Rockland St Peter, was entitled ‘Why is religious education in schools so important’.  Our speaker for the evening, Christine Counsell, gave us a wonderfully interesting, informative and thought provoking insight into how religious education is taught in our schools, or not as is apparently too often the case.  The relevance of religions to other subjects in the school curriculum, what subject matter was included, how the subject was taught, what steps were being taken to improve the subject matter and its teaching were just some of the topics covered.  Although focussed on religious education, it also gave us a window into education in general.

We are grateful to Christine for presenting this Talk with energy and clarity which left us all much the wiser and happy that we had made the effort attend.  Thank you Christine.

Thanks must also go to Rockland St Peter for allowing us to use their church as a venue for these Talks and to the refreshments ‘ladies’ who provided the much appreciated tea, coffee and biscuits.


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