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We have developed a core of children in the village to come to church on special occasions – primarily Christmas and Easter, and also occasional Mothering Sunday services and Harvest Festivals over the years. Our aim is to try to encourage this participation by young children in order to nurture a new generation of churchgoers. It is not an easy task in today’s world where so many secular activities happen on Sundays but it is a worthwhile challenge.

On the left, a photograph of the nativity scene at last year’s carol service.


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Shellrock Ramblings - 18th April

My Dear Friends

It has been a strange week. There’s been so much to be pleased about as on the 12th there was some more lifting of restrictions. But then we were saddened as we became aware of the loss of yet another of our well known Rockland friends. We heard of the sudden death of Ann, loved for herself and her cheerful disposition and warm welcome at the door of RAS as we came in for the morning services. And of course, before the weekend we heard about Prince Phillip, the Queen’s loss of a husband of 73 years; a long time indeed.

It is still the case in some quarters that whenever grief is mentioned the name of Elisabeth Kubler Ross comes to the fore. She developed a theory that grief manifests in five stages which she called denial, anger, bargaining (often with God), depression and acceptance. Like Richard Coles writing on his experience of loving and losing, I have always been doubtful about the neat and tidy stage model. In the experience of many, grief “does what it wants to do: it is not obedient to psychological patterning or theological argument” (Coles, 2020). So, we need always to be extremely sensitive to the varied ways in which people express their feelings about a loss. Assume nothing; listen carefully.

Just as each of us has a unique way of expressing ourselves following a loss, so it is with our religious and spiritual beliefs and preferred practices in worship, and this takes me to the other subject of my ramblings this morning! Yesterday afternoon the benefice team met face to face for the first time in many months.  Zoom has certainly had its benefits, but it was such a relief to be able to see and hear each other without electronic devices.  We looked at and shall continue to discuss the pattern of services for the whole benefice for several months ahead. In these planning meetings we try to be respectful of as many shades of opinion as possible, but I have no doubt that there will be some who would prefer what is not being provided. Do please let us know your views. That is the only way that we can be truly responsive to your needs, wants and preferences. 

My love to you all.



Sunday 18th April, the Third Sunday of Easter

Readings: Acts 3 v 12-19, Psalm 4, 1 John 3 v 1–7, Luke 24 v 36b-48

10.30 St James, Great Ellingham - Morning Service

10.30 Rockland All Saints - Holy Communion

Monday 19th April

13.00   Scoulton Crematorium - Funeral of Isabella Rann

19.00   St James, Great Ellingham - APCM in the church

Tuesday 20th April

19.00   St Peter, Little Ellingham - APCM in the church

 Thursday 22nd April

14.00 Rockland All Saints - Funeral of Anne Ellis followed by burial in the Methodist graveyard in Chapel Street Rocklands

Sunday 25th April, the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Readings: Acts 4 v 5-12, Psalm 23, 1 John 3 v 16–end, John 10 v 11-18

10.30 St James, Great Ellingham - Morning Service

10.30 Rockland St Peter - Morning Prayer

(Please note that attendance at funerals is still limited to 30 people.)

Scheduled broadcasted religious programs this Sunday

8.10am Radio 4 - Sunday Worship from Bishopthorpe, residence of the Archbishop of York

10.30am BBC1 - Sunday Morning Stories, the Revd Kate Bottley with tales of faith, hope and spirituality.

1.15pm BBC1 - Songs of Praise, with Katherine Jenkins talking to the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell

3.00pm Radio 3 - Choral Evensong, from Worcester Cathedral (April 2009)

Shellrock News

With the change to the management of the village magazines, the church news will be confined to those churches covered by that magazine.

In order that everyone is informed as to what is happening in the benefice the Shellrock News will, once again, be circulated at the Benefice service on the Fourth Sunday of each month.  You can receive your copy either by email or as a hard copy (on paper).  It will also be sited on our website.  Hard copies will also be made available in each of the churches for visitors.

As the default, I shall send the Shellrock News to all the recipients of the Ramblings as an email, but if you would prefer your copy as a hard copy please let me know via my email  Please let me know of anyone else who would like a copy.

A reminder to anyone who wishes to have something included in the Shellrock News or the Ramblings, please give me the information and preferably a few days before publication.  If I am not informed, it can’t be included.

George Reeve

Sadly we have been informed of the death of George Reeve, wife of Ann Reeve, after a long illness.  We send our sincere condolences to Ann and the family.  Please keep them all in your prayers.



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